Anatomy of a Pump

Pump & DumpPump and dumps are famous in all kinds of markets, however they differ from real world to cryptocoin markets. Because cryptocurrency value is almost 100% speculation and very rarely based on news, traditional pump and dumps are a lot less common. In the real world someone can start a pump by simply spreading …

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A Technical View of Bitcoin

Let’s take a brief look at the technical position of Bitcoin as of 2014-01-24 over a Daily time frame. This will be a professional-level analysis. Elliott Waves are notoriously unreliable, and the Graveyard of Trading Failure is littered with the corpses of those who refused to leave any chart unlabeled. Waves are actually a great …

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Wildcat (Crypto)Currency

Niche currency isn’t a new concept, in fact, it’s a very old one pre-dating the centralized fiat currencies we’ve come to know and love–and it’s a disaster. You don’t have to look very far back into history to find some concerning similarities with the cryptocurrency era either. During a period in the early to mid …

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Why Most Traders Will Fail

Trading isn’t difficult, most people assume you have to be some kind of math prodigy or Gordon Gekko to make money on the markets, which actually isn’t true at all– even though knowing the math behind common indicators does help you understand what your looking at, it isn’t by any means necessary. You don’t have …

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Perfect Position Sizing

There is a perfect position sizing formula, which I derived many years ago (see derivation) and dub the Sanden Criterion. It is as follows: Where: f = Optimum fraction (percentage) of portfolio to invest on this opportunity W = Winning percentage (chance to earn G percent profit) G = Gains on win (percentage) L = …

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