DogeCoin Launched – Joke’s on Us

Some of our readers may have been following the story of the DogeCoin joke website that was launched a week or so ago.

Well, it was inevitable – someone has stepped up to make this currency a reality. DogeCoin was launched for mining yesterday. The website has also been updated to reflect the living dream that is DogeCoin.

Down to brass tacks: DogeCoin is a SCRYPT coin with an amusingly randomized early mining scheme. Blocks through 600,000 receive an extra reward between approximately 20,000 and one million coins, decreasing as time passes. They may also receive as little as zero! This appears to be the central humor of DogeCoin. Joke’s on us.

Currently, there are over 4,200 blocks of DogeCoin mined, already with 215 Gh levelled at the network. The first tier of early mining expires at 100,000 blocks. To get going with DogeCoin, you’ll need to download the client from the BitcoinTalk thread linked above, then create a configuration file (easy, we promise!)

The config file lives in the same place as all other wallet GUI config files – C:\Users[your user]\AppData\Roaming\DogeCoin\dogecoin.conf – you’ll probably need to create it with Notepad or your favorite text editor. Paste the following in:


And your DogeCoin client should now sync up with the network – it needs the addnodes information, and for some reason wasn’t shipped with a default configuration.

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