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Hustlers should Live and let Live



Live and let Live

It’s a common thing for a group to look outside at another group–especially one it deems it’s opposite–and speak down on them in the most negative way possible. We see this happening with Christians and Atheists, nerds and “bros”, feminists and alpha males, the list goes on. One of the most unspoken rivalries that are going strong today, however, is that of the hustling Capitalist versus the opinionated “normal”. Hustlers should Live and let Live.

I really don’t know what to call the opinionated “normal”, hence the stupid title. If I was to describe this person, it would be someone deemed as chronically “normal”. It is a person who is normally married, employed with mid-level wages, or their wife/husband is, and they are good with where they are in life. This person is an unrecognized enemy of the hustler because the attacks they lobby against one another are done within the safety of their own company.

We see the Instagram and Facebook memes being thrown out in a passive aggressive way to belittle the “normals” of the world. Things like “why give a man water when you can teach him how to fish”, or “what you do with $100 versus what I do with $100”, and any number of things that showcases your smarts with money versus the normal’s tendency to spend.

On the flip side, you have normals complaining about your timeline making them feel “this big”. If you were married with kids like them you wouldn’t have time to be travelling the world and posting pics. If you had expensive children then all these investments and buy-ins you’re making wouldn’t even cross your mind. You choose to be different and weird, so you have the privilege of playing with money while they don’t.

Hustlers need to be bigger

What do we call it when either side acts like this? Come on, you have probably have used the word before… okay, it’s “hater”. A basic, modern ad’hom that really isn’t an answer to make us feel better when others are passing judgment. There are tons of real haters, these are real losers whose only lot in life is to complain and bring others down to their level. But everyone that questions your motives isn’t a hater, most of the time they are just ignorant.

Consider that life is a game where we have been lucky in figuring out the rules. The rules decree that we run laps around everyone else while they walk and enjoy the designs on the game board. Can we really blame them for wondering why there are a few crazies running? Sure you can try to explain your running to them, but who wants to run when you can walk and enjoy things? Terrible metaphor–I know–but my point is that many people will never get the hustle mentality so why are you spending all of your energy talking about them?

It takes two to play the game of hate and it would do you better to let them hate without your attention. Kick the negative people out of your life and keep hustling. Don’t make it your mission to “show them up” or embarrass them when you’re a boss because (trust me) they will never be as salty about it as you want them to be. Live and let live – this is how you overcome, you kill it with kindness or you turn your back to it.

Stop spending your precious time on social media trading barbs with people who misunderstand your lifestyle and continue to be the beautiful peacock that you are. Does that sound like a plan moving forward? The knowledge you have attained from “the game” makes you bigger than this and I think as a whole we need to start acting like it.

This article on Hustlers should Live and let Live was originally written by Gr3g Dr4g0n on 13 Jan 2014. If you have any queries or comments then tell us in the comments below. Thank you for reading.

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