Want to Buy a New Lamborghini? Now You Can Use Bitcoin

It’s been a good month for automotive related Bitcoin stories, so far. Hot on the heels of the news that a Tesla S charging station is accepting Bitcoin for payments in Miami, Florida, USA, we are now treated to news from Lamborghini of Newport Beach, California, USA. This dealership, the only factory authorized Lamborghini dealership in Orange County, is now accepting Bitcoin for certain new and pre-owned car purchases. Their first sale was a Tesla S all-electric sedan – here’s the statement from the Lamborghini of Newport Beach Linkedin:

We are proud to announce that we now accept Bitcoin as legal tender. We have officially sold our very 1st vehicle, this Tesla Model S Performance, via Bitcoin currency. A fully electronic currency for a fully electronic vehicle, how fitting.

Earlier this year, a private sale of a Lamborghini for Bitcoin was unveiled, which may have inspired the dealership. That particular Lambo is still unsold at a whopping 1,199 BTC. The owner may need to come down a little this year!

If you want to find out what vehicles are available next, why not stop by 1425 Baker Street in Costa Mesa, CA and have a gander! Just remember to bring your paper wallet, safely concealed inside your booby-trapped attache case. The salesmen will be properly impressed.

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