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Your Idea Just Requires A Little Push



Your Idea Just Requires A Little Push

Time and time again I run into men and women that have big dreams but lack the ability to set them in motion. To them, people who move on their ideas have a special gift; more drive, and more education. I don’t think that this is true. Many times an idea being made into a reality has to come from you breaking ground and attempting to build–even if it’s completely wrong. What I have found is that as you build upon it, the people that know how to do it correctly will help you out in correcting your approach and when you have it built incorrectly, you will have no qualms with tearing it down and trying again. The biggest part in all of this is that you put forth the effort.

“A brilliant idea with no execution is worthless”

Have you ever met someone whose mind was always working but they lacked the will to execute upon it? I have met many people like this in my lifetime and many of them come to us–the executors–in hopes that we will bring their idea to life under their supervision. The problem with this line of thinking is that most doers already have their own ideas and will not jump to aid an idea person who seems to be nothing but a lazy opportunist. Do not be afraid to move on your own idea because a doer will feel more inclined to help a struggling entrepreneur than a guy with nothing but ideas and dreams.

Do not fall into the trap of endless brainstorming, or psyching yourself out due to weighing the cons more heavily than the pros for starting. Bringing in outsiders to share your dream can be good, but if those outsiders are not qualified in what you are attempting to do then their theories can be extremely negative and exaggerated. I see a ton of advice on the internet that tells you to blow up social media with your idea, to weigh everyone’s feedback, and to exhaust your network to see if it’s worthwhile, but this can be devastating to someone looking to start.

Some of the negative feedback that kills ideas are:

  • “Great idea but I bet someone has done it already”
  • “That idea is just like (insert something vaguely similar).”
  • “But… what do we need it for?”
  • “Not a bad idea but however will you afford it?”
  • “Oh, I thought of that before…”
  • “Aren’t you a little old though?”

People mean well but they can crush your dreams quicker than anything else you can think of. This is why I wait until an idea is well off the ground and building before I reveal it to my friends and family because then they are forced to support it. Get a mentor that has done something similar and secure/copyright your idea before telling the world about it. Nothing sucks more than an idea person mouthing away at an executor and then learning that this “friend” took the idea, ran with it, and is now rich. No amount of crying foul and being pissed will ever get your idea back, so keep it high and dry until the right time to bring attention to it.

At the end of the day, the word is push, and it is what we all need to do whenever we think of the next best thing. Push your idea to the right resources that can make them happen and if all else fails, break try it yourself. It is better to have tried and failed than to be the guy 20 years later feeling stupid that a younger entrepreneur struck gold doing something that you had thought up so long ago. Thank You for reading this article, it was originally written by Gr3g Dr4g0n. If you have any thoughts then share them with us in the comments below.

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